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How do you choose a business adviser from a list of competent candidates? You assess the chemistry. Can the adviser appreciate your business and your vision for it and empathize with your growth plans and challenges? Can they help you turn strategies into action? In today's market the opportunities are greater, but the competition is also more intense. And the new technologies have everything happening in double time. There's little time to react, let alone plan.

LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES offers the benefits of working with experienced business advisers who recognize that you are our number one product. We measure our success by your achievements. We deliver solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements, not something recycled from previous projects. Our expertise emphasizes results, not tasks; our vision and creativity establish cause, not blame; and in matters of integrity we stand like a rock. We work hard to maintain professional relationships that are personal and customized. The result? You can count on us for a shared sense of purpose and unwavering support.

LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES is located in Washington, DC's new Dulles Technology Corridor and specializes in helping start-up and on-the-move businesses succeed.

Just an e-mail away, at answers@biz-results.com,
LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES is ready to help you get the job done.

Tel: 703-481-5070 * Fax: 703-476-9511

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