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If I'm just starting out in business and I have limited financial resources, wouldn't it be better for me to try to use my own expertise to make a success of things rather than spending scarce resources on "advice?"
NO. Although it is important for all businesses to exhibit fiscal responsibility it is because resources are scarce that you should be utilizing the services of a business adviser. This makes more sense than you might think. Larger, established businesses may have the luxury of putting funds toward experimenting with various strategies, but they more often rely on internal and external experts to guide them along the path most likely to deliver success. It's the smaller businesses, in the name of managing costs, that put themselves at a disadvantage by trying to go it alone.

I am not a small or medium-sized business owner, I'm a manager in a large organization and I'm having management problems with supervisors as well as with subordinates. Can a business adviser be of help in this type of situation?

ABSOLUTELY. LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES provides one-on-one coaching to managers at every level of an organization. We help you to:

communicate better with superiors to win support for your programs and people;
become adept at understanding what the boss needs and wants and how to develop objectives that meet those priorities; and
understand how to pick the best people, give them the tools to be successful, and help them realize their goals without micro-managing.

If you're not from my industry and you don't know me, how can I expect to work with you and achieve meaningful results?

It's not as difficult as you might think, and LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES has the track record to prove it. We don't have to come from your industry to help you on the road to personal and professional success. Our strategy is simple--we help you:

create organizational and personal effectiveness;
establish basic patterns of thinking that let you succeed;
develop strategies, make choices and evaluate results;
assess situations, analyze problems, and find solutions; and
cultivate the skills that create teamwork and permit you to attract and retain talented people.

If the overall economy is doing poorly, or if there's an economic downturn in my particular region or industry, will I have any real control over whether or not my business does well?
YES. Remember that even in the worst of times, someone is doing well. Well-managed companies somehow find the formula for success regardless of the economy. There are actually companies that can do better in bad times, while others flourish when the market rebounds. The key is to know how to position yourself to seize the opportunities that the current climate offers. Different strategies must be implemented for different times.

If I feel that there are things I can't do and shouldn't offer, isn't it smart business to steer my business away from them?
MAYBE. But first you must objectively evaluate the reasons for your decision and their implications for the success of your business. Are you avoiding something because you don't know the difference between reasonable risk and recklessness? Does the fear of failure seem more realistic to you than your vision of success? If you choose to limit your options, do you know how it changes your position in the market as compared to your competition? Are you sure that just because you don't feel you have a particular capability at the moment, you should preclude the possibility of acquiring it? A partnership with a business adviser can help you develop "out-of-the-box" approaches to achieve winning results.

Even if I agree in principle with what you're saying, isn't this really going to add up to a lot of money?
NOT NECESSARILY. You're in the driver's seat. How much or how little you use a business adviser is up to you. You may find that some months there are good reasons to work more closely with an adviser than in others. Sessions are usually done by phone after some initial in-person meetings or when there are no compelling reasons for a business adviser to be on-site. Based upon the agreement we reach, you can even have an option where you can contact us by phone to get quick answers to specific questions as you operate in your day-to-day functions without having to pay for every minute of that time. Our clients always feel that they get more than they pay for. And that's the way we want it.

If I use LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES to help me with my internal management and external marketing strategies, then what? For example, once I identify my management problems, I'm not sure I can fix them; and once I've identified my product target markets, how will I develop the collateral materials to support my effort?
First we listen to you and how your perceive your problems and needs; then we work collaboratively to identify solutions. But it doesn't end there. From individualized staff coaching to bring out the best in your organization, to writing collateral marketing pieces to support your outreach - we can identify and deliver the tools that enhance, rather than detract from your image. We position you to move your company aggressively forward without losing the character and integrity that was part of your original company vision.


Just an e-mail away, at answers@biz-results.com,
LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES is ready to help you get the job done.

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