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Title: Who We Are

At LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES, we offer management, marketing, and professional/personal growth strategies to small business, industry, government, non-profits and individuals. Our resourceful and responsive approach to meeting your needs provides targeted assessments and cooperative solutions that deliver results.

Formed in February 1992, LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES develops close working relationships with clients who understand that the company that stops getting better, stops being good. We help you determine what conditions will permit you, your product, and your company, to survive and push for a successful future.

Clients come to Linda for assistance with internal management issues such as strategic planning, organizational development, and staff training and productivity; and external issues such as marketing, competitiveness, customer service, external liaison, and image development. We have an IT professional and business economist on staff, as well as other professionals who are available on a project basis for clients requiring additional specialties.

We have helped managers make and implement tough decisions; create and implement winning organizational structures; attract and retain quality employees; and recognize the importance of market strategy in establishing corporate image.

A skilled communicator and business adviser/coach, Linda has successfully trained individuals at every organizational level using individual coaching and group workshop techniques combined with team counseling.

Prior to starting the firm, Linda worked for a national trade association where she was director of communications and program planning. She also served as chief of staff at the U.S. Small Business Administration and as staff director and external liaison at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

A veteran strategist with highly developed writing skills, Linda has a proven record managing people and projects. She received the George Washington Medal of Honor from the Freedoms Foundation for a free enterprise program, and the EDPRESS award for excellence in educational journalism. She has been recognized on two occasions by the International Association of Business Communicators for the business marketing strategies she developed.


Just an e-mail away, at answers@biz-results.com,
LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES is ready to help you get the job done.

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