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Title: What We Do - Coaching

Our clients are companies on-the-move. Entrepreneurial and seeking innovative solutions, they are focused on shrinking costs while doing more. And they turn to LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES to develop strategies that bring dramatic results.

There is really no magic in what we do. But our approach is somewhat different than our competition. How? We don't take on a project for our clients and try to force-fit it into the model of other projects on which we've worked.

We approach your company with the personal goal of improving the company "condition," not merely the content of your organization or the substance of a particular issue. The Japanese have a word, "sogomi," which roughly translates to "presence" or "stature." The companies we work with understand that in order to succeed they must project "sogomi." LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES helps you achieve a commanding presence in your markets, by raising standards, improving relationships, and expanding reach.

More than ever, there is a need for a new framework of relationships among company, employees and customers. This has brought on changes affecting every aspect of operations. LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES can help you adapt swiftly and accurately to changing situations and develop new institutional patterns of behavior.

Operating Excellence: We examine all aspects of operations to find better ways of doing things. We evaluate product value, people leadership, and customer service in an effort to maintain operating excellence.

Consistent Policies: Roots of success lie in the determined pursuit of a company policy that combines continuity and continuous change. In an age of increasingly rapid changes in opinions and trends, continuity is sometimes overlooked. At LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES we are sure to remind you of the importance of continuity. Why? Because we understand that organizations and markets have to be developed over a long period.

Workforce: Employees play a decisive role in a company's success. But many companies don't value their employees until they leave for another company. Your human resources can be your most valuable asset and we know how to attract and retain talent.

Building the Future: The company that stops getting better, stops being good. The question a company must ask is: "What are the conditions that will enable a company or a product to survive and push for a successful future?" We believe that the answer that will permit a company to control its future chances is this: It must be able to learn. A company in today's marketplace must generate and use new knowledge.

Just an e-mail away, at answers@biz-results.com,
LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES is ready to help you get the job done.

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