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Title: What We Do - Coaching
linda b rule coaching and training

"We help management take responsibility for the development of their people and themselves."

You're only as good as your employees. But in business, employees often don' t know what' s "par" for the course. Many entrepreneurs rarely find the time to ensure that they have innovative, dedicated, and smart employees. Someone said that in the game of golf, you walk up to the tee and you know what the "par" is. When you finish the hole, you score provides immediate feedback. At LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES, we help you establish par, communicate it, and then encourage your employees to exceed expectation.


Money isn't the top reason why people take or leave a job.

Service and attitude influence customer decisions as much as cost.

The problem - in organizations that do not retain good people, or that are usually disappointed by employees who seemed to have potential but don' t deliver results - is usually with management.

We analyze your development needs in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes needing change. Whether we determine weaknesses in technical growth, management growth, or total human growth, our approach is unique. While other companies often spend time and money administering elaborate personality tests, our approach is both economical and effective. We rely on a targeted interview process to quickly gain the respect and confidence of you and your staff. From there we develop team sessions, one-on-one staff development, and management coaching sessions based up your specific needs.


Become an expert at handling conflict.

Reward your clients with world-class service.

Create a win-win situation by learning to negotiate smarter.

Exhibit flexibility in managing employees without sacrificing your company mission.

Help your employees learn that sometimes what matters most is not what they say, but how they say it.

Learn the best way to do the hard things: firing someone, giving news of poor performance, handling the difficult customer.

Learn how to say the right things, even when you think no one notices or it doesn't matter.

We help you take bad situations and turn them into good ones. Whether it's increasing motivation, improving communication, bettering supervisory skills, reducing conflict, or advancing company goals, LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES coaches you to succeed.

Just an e-mail away, at answers@biz-results.com,
LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES is ready to help you get the job done.

Tel: 703-481-5070 * Fax: 703-476-9511

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