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Title: What We Do - Coaching

"We will market but we never lose sight of the bottom line."

LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES practices "entrepreneurial marketing"— which, simply put, means that we encourage you to approach your marketing needs with an eye to maximizing resources.

Big or small, every company benefits from marketing. But smaller companies seem to suffer from resource-poverty more than very large corporations. Nonetheless, we believe that every company, large or small, benefits from an entrepreneurial marketing approach.


"There is no money to squander on 'testing' a lot of different approaches."

"Every marketing dollar must do the work of two dollars—or even ten."

"Our company, capital, and products are always on the line in everything we do."

If you find yourself in agreement with any of these statements, you can benefit from an entrepreneurial marketing program that identifies simple, effective marketing techniques that conserve resources. Utilizing tactics and strategies that build a flexible marketing program, we target the best ways to position your company and its products.


Be committed to your marketing program.
A basic entrepreneurial marketing program 1) establishes relationships with your clients and, 2) encourages you as their preferred provider of a broad range of your key services and/or products.

Think of that program as an investment.
Once you establish your direction and focus, you must be committed to giving it time to work. Are you eager to build your reputation in your industry? We can help you enhance public awareness and acceptance; redefine yourself after a major internal change; establish your position on timely issues or "cutting-edge" industry innovations; or manage a crisis situation.

See to it that your program is consistent.
No marketing strategy can succeed if there is not consistency of message. We help you establish your theme and then support that same message in a variety of ways. Consistent marketing informs your publics of your strengths, generates interest in your products and services, and can influence and attract potential employees.

Marketing strategies work. But first you must have one.

Just an e-mail away, at answers@biz-results.com,
LINDA B. RULE & ASSOCIATES is ready to help you get the job done.

Tel: 703-481-5070 * Fax: 703-476-9511

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